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  • High School Inc. Academies, a partnership of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and the Santa Ana Unified School District, provide small-group learning environments in which students acquire the specific skills needed to secure employment in high-growth, high-tech industries.  Concurrently, HSI students gain computer competency and leadership training in preparation for higher education or entrepreneurship.

    Multiple paths to student success are made possible by the coordinated efforts of industry-led academy councils formed from the business community, as well as a specially trained faculty and administration.  Together, they provide educational experiences far more relevant to today’s world—including mentoring, internships and job shadowing—that are much more likely to capture the student’s imagination and effort.

    Each HSI graduate obtains their high school diploma, a personal project portfolio, a personal businss plan, and multiple career center referrals.  In short, they graduate “fit for hire,” prepared for college, or ready to start a business.

    To make your tax-deductible donation, please visit http://www.highschoolinc.info/get-involved/donate
    OR mail a check payable to:

    High School Inc. Foundation
    c/o Hall and Company 
    111 Pacifica, Suite 300
    Irvine, CA 92618

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