• High School Inc.

  • Now entering its 10th year, High School Inc. is a progressive and innovative non-profit becoming a catalyst for social and economic change. Through our college and career readiness programs, students are graduating at a higher rate than ever and are equipped for both a 21st century workplace and college success. Businesses are engaged with an emerging workforce and communities are being strengthened through job growth and a greater sense of pride in the future.

    High School Inc.'s Formation

    Through a unique collaboration between the High School Inc. Foundation 501(c)(3), the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, and the Santa Ana Unified School District, High School Inc.'s mission is to empower youth and strengthen communities through education and business partnerships.

    High School Inc. is housed on the campus of a public school (Valley High School) in southwest Santa Ana. Our model has proven so sucessful that this year, the 2017/2018 school year, will be the first to roll out our programs accross the entier campus now supporting roughly 2,300 students this and each year moving forward.

    Student Achievement Highlights

    Providing support for 1,369 students in the 2016/2017 school year, High School Inc. helped these young adults to...

    -Graduate at a rate of 97.5%
    -Secure 157 internships throughout the school year and summer
    -Earn 470 certifications
    -Send 74 students out to compete in industry relevant competitions
    -Bring 152 Sophomores and Juniors to Leadership Camp
    -Provide 95 scholarships for internship and academic accomplishments  
    -Bring 176 business and community professionals into the classroom providing over 682 hours of volunteer efforts to support student success

    An Emerging National Model

    High School Inc. has the potential to become a national model, to bridge skills gaps and language barriers — and bringing balance to social equity and economic values. Teachers and successful business professionals work side-by-side in the classroom to equip students for jobs, entrepreneurial start-ups, college and university - all leading to sustainable employment in growth industries.

    Students attend core academic classes and also receive hands-on, real world training through one of six High School Inc. academy classes. Within this model we also have supported SLC's (small learning communities) which tie together the hand-on and academic pieces of learning to keep all students engaged throughout the day.

    To make your tax-deductible donation, please visit http://www.highschoolinc.info/get-involved/donate
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    High School Inc. Foundation
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