• Santa Ana Business Retention Program
  • Santa Ana Business Retention Program Santa Ana Business Retention Program

    Why is the Santa Ana Business Retention Program Important

    A healthy and vibrant local Santa Ana economy depends on the well-being of local businesses. Local business health can be fostered via a community-led Business Retention Program led by the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce. 

    A Business Retention Program program involves a dialogue with local businesses to better understand their issues and concerns. Such efforts can show the community’s appreciation for business contributions and enable local leadership to identify economic development strategies informed by local business as well as inform the community at large about individual and community-wide business concerns.

    The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce Business Retention Program helps local businesses that employ our residents and strengthen Santa Ana's local economy.

    We provide companies with a single point of entry to a variety of business assistance resources. 

    How Does Santa Ana's Business Retention Program Work?

    You’ll either meet with a representative from the Santa Ana Chamber’s team to identify the challenges and opportunities your 
    business is facing via an online survey or you can complete the survey at your convenience. During this confidential meeting, we will ask you questions on a variety of topics including sales trends, workforce, legislative and government affairs, community services and infrastructure, current operations, and future planning. The survey will identify areas of focus for you and your business and provide strategic support throughout the year. 

    How the Santa Ana Chamber Helps?

    Based on that initial conversation, we will coordinate with the organizations and agencies that can help resolve your issues and open doors to programs such as:

    Economic Development Incentives Workforce Training
    Interacting with Local Officials Networking and Business Development
    Finding Qualified Employees Marketing For Your Business
    Internship Programs Layoff Aversion

    Why It's Easy to Participate in the Santa Ana Business Retention Program?

    • No hassle to participate – we do the legwork
    • We have the access the combined resources of many organizations working together to help you succeed
    • Take advantage of business support programs that help you improve your bottom line, grow, and create jobs
    • No cost to you
    • Find solutions to your business challenges


  • Santa Ana Business Retention Program