• President's Message

  • Since 1889, the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce has been the leading advocate for the business community in central Orange County. We work continuously to draw new companies into this area, to strengthen our economic base and to provide more jobs for our residents. We work with local government agencies, to monitor proposed legislation that affects the business climate. We support our membership by providing connections that encourage business growth and prosperity.

    The national recession that began in 2008 proved to be a challenging time for our member businesses and for our community. But the Chamber's commitment never faltered, and we now see a renewed sense of confidence among merchants, manufacturers and service providers. Santa Ana has leaders with a collaborative sense who are making a difference by working together to achieve common goals. We bring administrators from education, government, business and the non-profit sector together to discuss and solve local issues. We facilitate dialogues that lead to better understanding and eventual agreements among these groups.

    If you're already a member of our organization, we thank you for your ongoing support and hope you're active in attending our meetings and events. If you're not part of the Chamber, please consider the many advantages of joining us as we continue to push forward for economic growth and prosperity. Together, we can all make Santa Ana even better.

    David L. Elliott
    President & CEO