• Vision, Mission & Core Values

  • Vision

    The vision of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce:
    "To transform our community into a model of sustainable prosperity."



    The mission of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce:
    "To broker community solutions that create economic growth."


    Core Values

    1. Leadership: We recognize civic opportunities, formulate solutions and mobilize resources to bring to reality our vision of a thriving, prosperous community.
    2. Integrity: We adhere to personal and organizational guidelines of behavior that, publicly and privately, are morally binding in principle and in practice.
    3. Innovation: We create new concepts to reach our goals, operating with high degrees of resourcefulness and professionalism in process and performance.
    4. Collaboration: We form business partnerships marked by openness, trust and cooperation, establishing community programs mutually beneficial to all parties.
    5. Sustainability: Pursuing both social equity and economic development, we are building a life-changing legacy of hope and opportunity for generations to come.