• State Funded IT Worker Training

    The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) has been providing training for California IT workers since 2004 with funding that it receives from the State of California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP).  The Chamber has contracted with Saisoft, Inc. to perform the training.  Saisoft specializes in IT worker training and has trained workers for thousands of companies since 2003.  The classes are generally online, but are instructor led using the latest technologies to deliver a highly interactive learning experience.  Instructors can switch back and forth from showing a presentation or demonstrating on the actual software and can write annotations on the screen.  Students can communicate with the instructor to ask questions.  Students do lab exercises and the instructor reviews their work.  The instructor can see a student’s screen to provide one-on-one assistance.  Due to popular demand and to accommodate schedules of employees from different companies attending the same class, classes are generally conducted after normal business hours.  A wide variety of classes are offered in 13 different technology tracks.

    What to Expect If You Would Like to Sign Up For the Training

    Not all companies and not all employees are eligible for funded training.  We have designed our program to help companies quickly determine eligibility and easily comply with ETP’s requirements.  Following are the steps to take advantage of the training:

    1. Your human resources manager or department manager over employees to be trained should call Marty Peterson at the Chamber at 714-541-5353 extension 109 or Saisoft at 949-202-5123 to quickly determine if your company is eligible. 
    2. If your company is eligible, the Chamber or Saisoft will assist your manager in completing an ETP form 100E which will be sent to ETP to confirm eligibility and your manager must sign a IT Training Agreement with the Chamber.  The Training Agreement lists the requirements for employee eligibility and information ETP requires about each trainee.
    3. After returning the 100E form and the Training Agreement to the Chamber or Saisoft, your manager can provide the required information on each trainee directly to Saisoft and they can be enrolled in classes.
    4. Trainees must sign and return a Trainee Authorization form to Saisoft before the start of the first class.