About Us

    We are the nation’s first 100% Flat-Fee Business Law Firm. As outside general counsel to small & midsized businesses, we successfully advance the strategic growth & risk mitigation goals of Business Owners with 2 unique benefits: 1. Actual, Strategic Business Management Experience: Substantial, successful experience since 2000 as actual business owners ourselves with management executive experience in dynamic, highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, technology & manufacturing -- from family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. BENEFIT TO YOU: Invaluable assurance that you have a personal business lawyer by your side who has been there: We relate firsthand to your daily challenges & experiences as an entrepreneur, manager & business leader, understanding how to help protect & grow your business in all contracts, employment law, & strategic planning. 2. Flat Fees: Affordable, simple & predictive, fixed legal fees under our first-in-the-nation Corporate Counsel Program. BENEFIT: This sets aside unmanageable hourly fees, allowing you peace of mind to focus on what you do best, while we help guide you to achieve your success. No other experienced law firm offers the form of hands-on legal counsel & personal relationship approach we provide. US BUSINESS COUNSEL has long-term clients across all traditional & emerging industries, from manufacturing to technology to emerging industries. Let us help you establish a relationship with a trusted legal partner who will help you protect your best interests, secure wins, & achieve a successful growth or exit strategy.