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    Why You Should Join the Chamber

    The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization comprised of businesses, non-profits, and government agencies that work collaboratively to improve the Santa Ana economy.  It was formed and has operated since Santa Ana became a city over 125 years ago.  

    Membership is not limited to businesses and organizations located in Santa Ana.  Those from surrounding areas that market to customers in or employ workers from Santa Ana should also become members.  They have a vested interest in the community’s economic success because their bottom lines benefit from and their employees' lives are improved by a strong Santa Ana economy.

    The activities of this Chamber are aligned with the needs of the members, because it is overseen by a board of directors who are leaders from member organizations in a variety of industries. The directors are volunteers whose companies not only invest the directors' time but also invest funds in excess of normal membership dues to help the Chamber improve our community. 

    The Chamber provides valuable services to the community that individual businesses can’t provide on their own. The major categories of services are:

    • Advancing economic development in partnership with the City through joint events, business retention and project investments
    • Promoting the best of what Santa Ana has to offer to attract customers, visitors, new residents, and new businesses
    • Advertising member businesses and referring new customers to them
    • Creating networking opportunities for member personnel at many levels
    • Providing useful information to members through educational events and electronic communications
    • Negotiating and providing members with cooperative purchasing discount programs
    • Participating in programs that help improve the skills of the local workforce
    • Evaluating political candidates / legislative issues and representing the combined voice of our members in advocating those that help and opposing those that are detrimental to the local economy

    Members benefit from the Chamber’s community promotion, customer referrals, legislative/political advocacy, and workforce development programs without the members having to invest their own employees' time. Those who wish their staff to take advantage of our networking opportunities, educational events, or volunteer committees benefit even more.

    Membership dues, fundraising events, and unrestricted contributions all fund Chamber activities.  A large roster of members is very important to the Chamber, because it drives down the cost of membership and gives the Chamber a stronger voice in dealing with political issues.  All local entities that benefit from a strong Santa Ana economy should contribute by at least becoming a member.  The Chamber is a non-profit organization, so all of the funds received are used for activities that improve the economy.

    The Chamber promotes the best of what the Santa Ana area has to offer - the largest employers, important public agencies, entertainment venues, great places for shopping, dining, and lodging, and excellent product and service providers.  The Chamber needs the best companies in every business category to become members.  If you are one of these, we want you as a member because promoting your business helps promote the Santa Ana area.  Check out our most recent Community Guide & Membership Directory.


    Ready to begin the membership application process?  Click here.

  • Ready to begin the membership application process?  Click here.