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    Working Wardrobes was founded in 1990 to provide powerful and impactful life and career development services to survivors of major life crises. Over the past 30 years, Working Wardrobes has provided career training, job placement assistance, and wardrobe services to more than 105,000 individuals through a broad range of activities directed to low-income individuals who are underemployed in low-wage jobs or have experienced obstacles such as homelessness, incarceration, substance abuse, catastrophic illness, domestic violence, military-to-civilian transition, and long-term unemployment and are most in need of help to find and maintain living wage employment and build lasting economic stability for themselves and their families. We are located in Santa Ana and serve all of Orange County and the surrounding regions of Southern California. In 2019, Working Wardrobes provided services to a total of 4,699 clients receiving 14,967 units of service through our activities including core Career Success Institute for unemployed and underemployed individuals, the VetNet for Veterans initiative for vets and veteran spouses, the Reentry to Success program for incarcerated individuals, the Senior Community Service Employment Program for low-income seniors, and the Veteran Behavioral Health Peer Support Services collaborative linking veterans to behavioral health and housing resources. The strongest measure of our success is hearing a client say ''I got the Job!''