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    Our mission at Vista Heritage Global academy is to create a transformative 6-8 learning experience that is engaging, globally oriented, and builds a strong STEAM foundation for college and career readiness. We aim to provide a quality education for all students by focusing on both heart and mind as critical tools of student engagement in learning. Our compassionate community of global learners focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills, as well as their attitudes, behaviors, aspirations, and beliefs for success in the 21st-century economy.

    Our vision is to close the achievement gap for our targeted population which is predominantly low-income and historically underserved students and to address the growing opportunity gap. VHGA students develop global competence as well as a strong technological foundation; they are able to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment, conduct effective and pertinent research, recognize divergent perspectives, communicate their ideas effectively, and take action to improve their own conditions the world around them. Students have a say in what they learn and how they learn it, apply knowledge and skills to authentic and every-day tasks that have local and global significance, and have myriad opportunities to exhibit their mastery to a real-world audience. Most importantly, VHGA envisions a school where students enter to learn but leave ready to humanely serve through a deeper understanding of their role in impacting positive change on the world around them.


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