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    About Us

    My name is Clint Armstrong, and I am the founder and CEO of SkillsetGroup. When I started this company in my garage in 2013, I had one dream in mind: work with the smartest people in the world. That is why you are here today. I quickly discovered the only way to do this was to work exclusively with people that are the best at what they do -- people who have a hard, driving passion for personal growth. You have joined a cutting-edge talent acquisition company that is focused on placing the most talented candidates with the best companies in the world.

    I worked in staffing and recruiting for many years before I launched SkillsetGroup. I noticed that a high employee turnover rate was a common theme within the staffing industry. Not only does high turnover create confusion among customers, but it prevents the remarkable experiences that push our service above and beyond the ordinary.

    I founded this company with a mission of creating a culture that supports long term retention, both internally, and for our candidates and our customers. Everyone deserves a path. When you provide that career path along with nurturing support, you watch employees stay and thrive, and, by extension, your business grow. Our employees -- our fine recruiters and other staff and the great candidates we place with clients -- are the ones who manifest that reputation.