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    About Us

    United Way fights for the education, health, housing and financial stability of every person in Orange County. Our goal is to create a stronger community where everyone has access to quality education, a sustainable income, better health and stable housing - the building blocks for a good life.

    As Orange County’s problems continue to escalate, you may be looking for a meaningful way to make a positive impact. Join us.

    With Orange County United Way, you become part of a powerful movement— united with others working toward long-term wins for people right here in our community.

    We tackle Orange County’s most difficult, interconnected issues. Education alone is not a solution if a student does not have a stable home and nutritious food. And in this economy, just because a parent finds a job, it may not be enough to support their family. We believe an integrated approach is essential for sustainable change.

    We have specific, measurable goals. Our comprehensive strategies go far beyond fundraising by integrating planning, connecting people and ideas, and directly running innovative programs. Plus, we monitor, measure and report our progress annually.

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