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    NORMS made its debut in 1949 when Norm Roybark, a Los Angeles native, opened his first coffee shop near the famed Hollywood corner of Sunset and Vine. As one of the few spots open 24/7, it didn’t take long before the coffee shop became the place to be. Now, 18 locations later, we continue to honor Norm Roybark’s original mantra of “great food, great service and great value” by serving our guests breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything in between all day and all night. Whether it’s our service or food, we keep our guests top-of-mind in everything we do. We prepare our dishes with the freshest ingredients available, and we make many of our staple items from scratch. But, it’s who delivers those mouth-watering dishes that makes all the difference in the world. On average, our staff has been with NORMS for 12 years. That means they’ve been dedicated to keeping our guests’ bellies full and happy for years and years. And, it takes more than a friendly face to do that — it takes compassion, openness and thoughtfulness, which every one of our employees exemplifies. Without this high standard of service, our dishes would simply be delightful dishes. They wouldn’t be memorable moments shared with friends and family. As we’ve grown our restaurants over the years, we’ve also evolved our brand. Today’s NORMS might look a little different than the 1949 NORMS, but we still stay true to our historical roots. So, when you want a great meal for the right price served by the best team around, come into NORMS for an experience unlike any other. Open all night & day, NORMS is where life happens.

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