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    About Us

    NET Systems is a B2B provider of Computers, IT Products, Peripherals, Networking, Mobile/ Wearable Accessories and Services from all major vendors.

    We specialize in helping our customers in choosing and configuring customized products, systems, and solutions. Based in Santa Ana, California, NET-Systems Inc., helps companies worldwide better control their technology acquisition, and IT management requirements. Since 2000, NET-Systems has provided a wide array of products, solutions, and services designed to fit specific customer needs including new and specialized equipment acquisition, custom integration & configuration services, asset management, and the of best-of-breed technology for your organizational IT solution and service requirements.

    When it comes to solutions that can help optimize IT spend, we work with clients to help determine which solutions best meet their needs. We have a pragmatic methodology for helping CIOs and other IT executives determine which areas of their IT hold the biggest opportunities for spend optimization.

    Leveraging NET-Systems, Inc. for your IT HW/SW products will provide you with a one stop access to more than 500,000 major manufacturers IT technology products. As a supplier, partner for all your IT purchases, we offer the following benefits:

    Single Point of Contact
    One Stop Sourcing: Multi-Vendor Products
    Most Major IT Manufacturers and Vendor Authorizations
    Specialty Product Sourcing