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    The National Cat Protection Society (NatCat) is a non-profit, no-kill 501(c)(3) animal shelter and adoption organization dedicated to cats and kittens. Founded in 1968, we care for owner-relinquished kitties until they find a proper home or need a retirement home.

    Located in Newport Beach, Orange County and Spring Valley, San Diego County, our two local animal shelters offer cats clean, comfortable and safe open rooms, kitten quarters, and access to large, enclosed patio areas. In our shelters' retirement centers are floor-to-ceiling scratching posts, wall-to-wall walkways and other health-promoting designs.

    Our trained staff and dedicated volunteers share a tremendous love for cats and selfless commitment to their well-being. We also provide humane education throughout our communities. After purr-using our website, we hope you will consider supporting our organization through adoption, volunteering, memberships or donations—from Southern California or your kitty-corner of the world