• My Green Network


    Cannabis Shared Manufacturing Facilities

    About Us

    My Green Network (MyGN is revolutionizing access for cannabis manufacturers, products, and brands.
    Traditional barriers to entry are usual startup costs cannabis business of $1M+, a licensing nightmare, and
    draining operations without a security net. This excludes 99.9% of America from entering the legal market. At
    MyGN, we shatter these barriers to entry and provide a comprehensive network to empower the community.
    We believe Leaders Empower Community.
    We will be:
    (1) providing guaranteed Type S cannabis manufacturing licenses to qualified candidates
    (2) providing them a network of services from accounting and legal to sourcing raw ingredients and
    introductions to local retailers
    (3) manufacturing our own products
    (4) providing state-wide distribution of cannabis goods
    (5) Incubating and networking Green Leaders
    Green Leaders will:
    (1) Own their own City Cannabis Manufacturing License
    (2) Have their own Type S State Manufacturing License
    (3) Own their business
    (4) Own their Brand
    (5) Can infuse any edible, beverage, topical
    (6) Can package and assemble all other products, including flowers and extracts
    (7) Can make food-grade extracts for use in their own products (e.g. butter or oil)
    We look for strong strategic partners for our network program able to provide competitive pricing and
    maintaining high-quality standards for our community. We also encourage Santa Ana residents to apply and be
    part of the MyGN community and enter the legal cannabis industry – faster, better, and more affordably.
    At MyGN we say: Go Green the Way You Want, we do the rest.