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    When your escrow is in our hands, you can have PEACE OF MIND. You can reduce your risk of fraud by working with one of our licensed & regulated escrow officers. Integrity Escrow will act as a TRUSTED professional third party that collects, holds, and disburses funds according to both “buyer” & “seller” Instructions. As an added measure, Integrity Escrow will complete a THOROUGH public records search to discover any mortgages, liens, judgments and/ or unpaid taxes that could affect either parties.

    Paper is the second largest component of California’s commercial waste, accounting for about 26.5 percent of all commercial materials disposed. But here at Integrity Escrow we are 100% PAPERLESS! Integrity Escrow relies on streamlined digital technology for all of our filing and communication needs. This means faster and more efficient customer service for our clients and a smaller ecological footprint on the earth. If necessary, hard copies can be created for our clients, using only 100% recycled paper.

    When you select Integrity Escrow you are assured to receive consistent, quality results with a fully certified Escrow officer who is bonded and license to safeguard your transaction. You also have the PEACE OF MIND to know that Integrity Escrow is a socially responsible company. We value our relationship with our clients as much as we value our relationship with the Earth.