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    The story of On Track begins in 1995 with two Orange County women, Terry Thompson and Claire Braeburn. Terry and Claire shared a vision of making a difference in the lives of at-risk children and their families. Together they created and developed what has now become a well-respected nonprofit organization that has reached thousands of children and families throughout Orange County. Their education and strong backgrounds in business, youth leadership training, public speaking, editing and creative writing, in addition to years of volunteerism, have provided them with the skills and experience to respond to critical problems facing Orange County communities.

    With a strong sense of conviction and determination, Terry and Claire made the decision to invest their own personal funds and long hours into the On Track vision, objectives and goals. They began by soliciting the advice and help of key people in law enforcement, the judicial system, government, nonprofit organizations, schools, parents, and most importantly, the youth themselves.

    Using solid research on the benefits of mentoring as well as statistics on the devastating impact of drug use, gang involvement, crime, and juvenile delinquency in Orange County and nationally, Claire and Terry designed a unique program that has evolved into the award-winning Kids On Track...Through Mentoring program. Simultaneously, they built a Board of Directors and Advisors that supported their mission and believed in their motto ''Teaming Communities and Youth for a Safer Society.''