• 5 Reasons to Join the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce

  • Although the digital age has changed the way you do business, the fact remains the local business rely on its locals and that’s where the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce can help. Let’s take a look at why Santa Ana businesses can benefit from joining the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce.

    1. Publicity Boost

    Our site receives over 4000 monthly visitors that are looking for businesses in the City of Santa Ana. Your membership entitles you to a free business listing which will link directly to your website. The more links you get from authoritative websites like ours, the more that will help get found on Google sooner.

    2. Get a Voice in Local Government

    Share your opinions with lawmakers by working with our Government Affairs Council. As a Chamber member you can attend our monthly Government Affairs Council meeting and help influence the course of business events in Santa Ana. This goes one step further than simply grabbing the ear of government … you can be part of the government.

    3. Help Train Your Employees

    Through the employment training taxes you already paid, the State of California Employment Training Panel offsets the cost of employee training for qualifying companies. These funds are available through the Chamber. A wide variety of Business & Computer Skills, Six Sigma, Lean Methodology and Manufacturing Skills are but a few of training that is available.

    4. Help Improve the Local Economy

    “If you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu!” Your business is top of mind in your life. Understandably, economic development may not be a priority. If it is, knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it can be overwhelming! The Chamber’s Economic Development Council gives you a seat at the table. Seats on the council are available to leaders from member businesses that have a desire to play a role in improving the local economy. The Economic Development Council is responsible for a number of programs that help strengthen Santa Ana’s economy, such as the annual Growth Conference and Taste of Santa Ana. As a member of the Chamber you can build a vision that makes everyone better “together.”

    5. Engage with Your Community

    Knowing the culture of a community will ultimately influence where entrepreneurs and the workforce choose to live, work and play. At the heart of the Chamber’s Community Engagement Council efforts is to help members connect in ways that they can make an impact in Santa Ana.


    Join the Chamber!