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    April 07, 2021

    The SBDC Marketing Lab is available  provide the following services.
    Digital Assessment 
    The first step at the SBDC Marketing Lab is to conduct a comprehensive assessment to set a baseline of your current online state. This includes a detailed audit of your website, social media, and brand reputation. We will take that report and then compare it against your competitors. Our expert consultants will lead you through a formal process that captures, aggregates, and analyzes all information into a single report with a baseline score and next steps.
    Social Media Marketing
    The average person spends a little over three hours on their phone each day and over two of those hours are spent on social media. Whether your customer is Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) having in-depth knowledge in this area is critical for maximum performance. 
    We will analyze, provide insights, and recommendations for all your social media channels (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.). Your expert consultant will work with you to identify your customer, engagement rates, and what is influencing purchase decisions. We will assist you in building a strategic social media plan with recommendations to execute across your platforms. Additionally, this will include a strategy on how to utilize paid advertising. 
    Search Engine Optimization
    The SBDC Marketing Lab will begin with an in-depth audit of your website, keyword analysis, and overall site speed. Once analyzed you will receive a report with recommendations on improvements for your website. Your consultant will review the report and walk you through eliminating errors, improving keywords, and assist you in optimizing your website.
    Performance Marketing
    After compiling all the information on your company, your competitors, and your overall presence online we will deliver a finalized report with our recommendations and marketing strategy. As we walk you through the recommended strategies, we will offer optional services that will assist you in fully optimizing your online presence. 
    Services Available:
    • Media Production
    • Photography Shots for Products/Services
    • Ad Campaigns
    • Printed Collateral
    • Radio/Audio Spot
    • Pitch Deck Enhancement
    • Podcast 
    • Online lead generation
    • Brand enhancement
    These services and consulting are provided all at no cost to you.  Please email lloyd_roger@rsccd.edu or call us at 714-564-5220 for more information or to schedule a consultation.
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