• LegalShield FREE Living Will Workshop this Saturday

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    May 26, 2021

    I have a Free Will Workshop this weekend at 12:00pm for anyone who wants to understand why everyone needs a Will. Please share this with anyone even if you have LegalShield.

    The link is: www.socallegalshield.com

    Just a few reasons Why:

    1. Without a Will no one can make a decision for you when you are no longer able to speak or make decisions your spouse, significant other and even you adult children.
    2. Your children under 18 without a Child's Trust the courts can decide who raises them if something happened to both parent's.
    3. Story: a grandmother was watching her 3 grandchildren while her daughter and son-in-law went on vacation. Tragically they both where killed in a car accident. Child Services came and took the 3 children, because the Grandmother did not know where their Will was. It took here over 2 weeks to find it and she was able to raise her 3 Grandchildren. All she needed to do was to get a 3 bedroom home to have a bedroom for the boy, the girls and Grandmother.
    4. The moral of this story if you have a Will to e sure the people you have making decisions for you have a COPY!!
    5. Great to share with your grown children who are not on the plan especially if the have children.
    6. The Living Will is included in our LegalShield Plan and covers everyone who is on the plan.

    The link is: www.socallegalshield.com

    Any questions feel free to call me 714-457-1560